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News UH AI Racing Tech Takes Third Place in ‘Roller Coaster’ Self-Driving Vehicle Challenge

snapshot of Uh artificial intelligence During the live broadcast, the technical car was ahead of the challenger’s car.

university hawaiiThe self-driving car team won third place in the self-driving challenge@ Consumer Electronics Show (Consumer Electronics Show) on Jan. 7 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in what one team member described as a “roller coaster” race.

Watch a live replay from the Indy Autonomous Challenge

Of the nine teams invited to the Challenge, six participated in the time trial, including Uh artificial intelligence racing technology.The team finished sixth in the time trial and are ready to play against the third seed TII EuroRacing in the quarterfinals. However, Uh artificial intelligence Racing Tech is experiencing intermittent mechanical issues.The sponsor is automatically promoted TII EuroRacing made it to the semi-finals, however, before the semi-finals, TII EuroRacing faces its own problems.

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This Uh artificial intelligence The Racing Technology team was introduced during the Indy Autonomous Challenge live stream on Jan. 7.

since Uh artificial intelligence According to the race regulations, Racing Tech was able to overcome its mechanical issues, the organizers revised the schedule and brackets, and Uh artificial intelligence Racing Tech can contend for third place MITPetereaderdefeated KAIST in the quarterfinals.

in a game with it MITPetereader, Uh artificial intelligence Racing Tech multiple passes over 125 miles per houralthough MITPetereader Can’t pass 135 miles per hourgive Uh artificial intelligence A triumph of racing technology.

this is Uh artificial intelligence Racing Tech Makes Second Consecutive Automated Driving Challenge@ Consumer Electronics Show. The team finished second in the IndyAutomotive Challenge on November 11, 2022 at Texas Motor Speedway.

“We finished second in November…I think there was some doubt as to whether we were really the better team. Today really proved that we do have the strength to come here and smash it,” CK Wolfe, Uh artificial intelligence racing technical members and University of California Berkeley graduate student, said during the live broadcast.

Uh artificial intelligence Racing technology is a collaboration between Uh Maui College, Uh Manoa College of Engineering, University of California San Diego, Carnegie Mellon University and University of California Berkeley.

PoliMOVE from Italy defends its autonomous challenge@ Consumer Electronics Show Champion, winning the inaugural 2022 event.

read more about Uh artificial intelligence Racing Tech prepares for this year’s Las Vegas race Uh information story.

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