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News Turn your home office device into an AI-powered webcam for just $50

If you’re working remotely, dreaming of being a digital nomad, or just holed up in your home office, your image often depends on your video conferencing status. If you want to create a cutting-edge webcam experience without breaking the bank, FineCam Pro has a $49.99 lifetime subscription.

FineCam is specifically designed to make it easy for everyone, from amateurs to professional videographers, to get the absolute best from their webcam with immersive cinematic results.

You’re not even limited to your laptop’s webcam; use your iPhone, iPad, or GoPro as your computer’s HD webcam. FineCam unlocks the iPhone’s full 4K HD camera and allows users to shoot with both front and rear cameras in a single window. For even more impressive results, FineCam allows you to set up multiple cameras to take pictures from multiple angles or create multiple scenes.

No matter what webcam you use, FineCam will offer AI-powered image and color corrections, movie effects and filters, custom branding, and more. You don’t need a green screen to change, blur or remove backgrounds; just use chroma key. In addition, users can adjust camera settings such as exposure and focus in real time so that every angle is perfect. FineCam’s AI also has enhancements that can make you look more attractive if you want.

Your professional appearance is critical when you’re working remotely, and you can take it up a few notches with AI-powered webcam features, including capturing screenshots and recording video up to 1080P, seamlessly changing video resolution, switching cameras Wait.

PCMag readers can get a lifetime subscription to FineCam Pro, on sale right now for $49.99, which is 41 percent off the MSRP of $84.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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