News TSMC’s 3nm process technology will be mass-produced next week

According to Taiwan Economic Daily, TSMC President Wei Zhejia previously announced that the promise of “mass production in Taiwan within 3nm years” will soon be fulfilled. On December 23, TSMC issued an invitation to the event, and next week (December 29) will hold a 3nm mass production expansion ceremony in Nanke. Wei Zhejia mentioned at the legal meeting in October this year that 3nm is making good progress. He claims that it has good yields and will be in mass production in the fourth quarter. Driven by high-speed computing and mobile phone applications, customers have put forward requirements for 3nm. Currently, nano demand outstrips production capacity.

Previously, Wei Zhejia also stated on the technology forum that TSMC’s 3nm “has something to hide.” However, he claimed that mass production will soon, and maintain the fin field effect transistor (FinFET) structure. That’s mostly because of the craftsmanship that “not only looks good, it sounds good too.”

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TSMC has repeatedly announced that it will mass produce 3nm in Nanke this year. Nanke Wafer Factory 18 is the main production base for the 3nm process. The 3nm process technology will be another full-generation process after the 5nm (N5) process technology. The 3nm family includes various combinations. 3nm will be mass-produced this year, and the company plans to mass-produce N3E next year. After next year, it will produce N3P.

Samsung already has 3nm chips

As early as July, Samsung Electronics announced that it had begun mass production of 3nm chips for some customers in the high-performance computing field, ahead of TSMC. First, as the Nikkei Asian Review explains, Samsung’s decision to start manufacturing 3nm chips at the Hwaseong factory, which has traditionally debugged and mastered new lithography technologies, suggests that volumes won’t be huge. Secondly, the first recipients of Samsung’s 3nm chips will be the Chinese brand’s dedicated accelerators for cryptocurrency mining.

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