News The internet explodes when “it actor” Pedro Pascal mixes up with inspirational Eddie winner Luke Shepardson!

What value can you place on such an activity? million? Billions?

I’m not sure about your memory, but I had to dig through some old documents and bing/yahoo some old stories to remind It may be the biggest failure in the history of sports marketing.

That is, Quiksilver lost the naming rights to what is now The Eddie Invitational but was once The Quiksilver: In Memory of Eddie Aikau.

What you may not know is that the Quiksilver-sponsored Eddie Invitational wasn’t originally a big wave race.

The first event was held in 1984 in 6 to 8 foot surf at Sunset Beach, Only when Quiksilver executives join forces with Fast Eddie Rothman to make it a well-known and loved Waimea Bay signature event will it make waves.

It also became the richest surfing competition in the world when the 50k prize was announced.

In 2016, newly crowned world surfing champion John John Florence cemented his place as the best in the business by winning the event still sponsored by Quiksilver, and it felt like the event couldn’t have been better, although Eddie was barely in 25ft field conditions Down.

What value can you place on such an activity?


So how did this fruitful relationship, which included lucrative Eddie Aikau-Quiksilver merchandising, peck at the worm in the gravel?

Here’s the background: The previous ten-year contract expired in the spring of 2016, and the Quiksilver and Aikau families began negotiating a new contract.

The Aikau family was told there might be a better deal if they shopped around. Red Bull was initially involved, but apparently, Red Bull and WSL couldn’t find a way to play well, so they pulled out at the last minute, leaving Aikaus without a deal.

A source told BeachGrit that Quiksilver submitted multiple offers to Aikaus, all with increased revenue-sharing opportunities, but were rejected.

But here’s the thing.

Quiksilver owns the license for the 2015-16 race and even discussed the idea of ​​giving it a different name to avoid involving famous Hawaiian families.

Quiksilver has played The Quiksilver: In Memory of Jose Angel, Quiksilver: In Memory of Todd Chesser, The Quiksilver: In Memory of Brock Little.

Anyway, it was a success in 2016, but was discontinued shortly thereafter.

Does Quiksilver think The Eddie’s chances of being as good as 2016’s are so slim that any follow-up money will be wasted?

The question I asked was, would you continue working with Eddie if you were given the keys to the clothing giant once famous for its $600 million in debt?

Or will you put the extra money on your number one team driver, Matt Banting?

Quiksilver chose Banting.

Regret, do you think?

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