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News The home of the future will be ‘smart’

Over the years, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things have reshaped our daily lives with their midas touch, and the definitions of comfort and luxury have continued to evolve. Significant growth drivers driving market expansion in the home automation segment include increasing number of mobile devices, increasing IT investments by businesses to install digital solutions, and development of enhanced communication and networking infrastructure. Customers can now rely on technology to control nearly every device in their home through automation, improve security and stay aware of their energy consumption.

As the economy stabilizes two years from now, home automation has spawned smart homes that are here to stay. By providing security, flexibility, energy efficiency and comfort to all living spaces, home automation is being touted as the next future-proof investment for all homeowners.

India is ramping up its efforts to achieve a net-zero environment by 2070, so there is a need to move to digital as it has been proven to boost sustainability and reduce household emissions. To drive the country’s revolution in sustainability, home automation through digital transformation, such as smart connectivity through cloud computing and IoT, are some of the major trends that will shape Indian homes by 2023.

Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai have been the leading examples of adoption of home automation, thereby driving convenience, lifestyle, and cost-effectiveness of various products launched in this space.

Here are some smart home trends relevant to 2023:

Interiors with intuitive automation

2022 sparked innovation and digital capabilities across sectors, and we’re witnessing incredible advancements permeating all around us and in our homes. Due to the increase in energy demand and the necessity of energy-efficient solutions, people are now actively focusing on the smart home segment and eco-friendly solutions. There is a growing demand for smart homes that combine automation with user-friendly interiors. New home concepts are constantly emerging in terms of touch-free technology, home security and energy efficiency. Smart doorbells, mood lighting, motion-sensing faucets, and other features previously found only in businesses, hotels, and recreational facilities are now ubiquitous.

voice assistant

The smart home concept has gained a lot of traction due to the rise of voice-enabled gadgets and the ease of use they bring. Recent reports indicate that due to this evolution of voice, the concept of the smart home has grown significantly. Enable smart gadgets. More than 92% of customers agree that voice control makes setting up a smart home easy and convenient. Today, voice assistants allow every member of the family to freely interact with smart devices.

sustainable smart home

Residential buildings are responsible for more than a third of global carbon dioxide emissions, yet most homeowners are unaware of the impact their homes have on the climate. Solutions such as Wiser home automation combine electrical, multimedia and telecommunication technologies into one user-friendly smart or automated home solution that enables sustainable living and energy efficiency. Home automation solutions such as these also allow homeowners to control and monitor their homes remotely through an app, increasing safety and sustainability.

Substance Compatible Devices

The growing popularity of the smart home has led R&D experts to create a new unified interoperability protocol, also known as “substance,” that connects adaptable smart home devices to each other. This advancement will provide consumers in the smart home ecosystem with increased security, reliability and convenience of connectivity. Matter will open the door for the world to strive for a more sustainable future by reducing e-waste, increasing circularity and increasing the self-sufficiency of devices paired with it. Matter is developed and operated by the Connectivity Standards Alliance and has the support of most tech companies.

Every day, consumers are raising awareness of the need to move to smart buildings and smart homes. As such, Matter will unify the industry by providing consumers with a better and simpler connected home experience.

At Schneider Electric, sustainability is at the heart of our DNA, and energy management through automation is a key factor in making it happen. To achieve this goal, we are also one of the core members supporting “Matter” to accelerate the deployment of home automation.



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