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News The Exorcist VR Legion SIN Delayed, Release Now 2023

This ambitious project needs more time.

As announced by game publisher Fun Train, The Exorcist Legion VR SIN has been delayed as part of its end-of-the-year update for fans.

The horror sequel was first announced in November 2021, with a release date set for late 2022. Apparently, that’s not happening anymore, and with the new calendar year fast approaching, fans have already guessed that the gruesome sequel won’t make it to the original release window.

RELATED: Across the Valley Is a Cozy Farming Sim Coming to PSVR 2 and Steam VR in 2023Instead, The Exorcist Corps VR SIN (Digital Security) will now be released in the second half of 2023. The game’s publisher, Fun Train, posted an end-of-year update on its website to inform fans of various upcoming projects across numerous platforms.


According to Fun Train, the co-op VR horror game has grown in ambition since it was originally announced last year. Presumably, this means developers need more time to get the experience just right. It’s worth noting that the developer of the sequel is not the developer of the original game. The first game was developed by Wood & Ward, while the sequels, including The Twilight Zone VR and Superhot, are being developed by the team at Pocket Money Games.

Here’s Fun Train’s statement:

Digital Security (SIN) Over the past year, our ambitions have grown as we continue to build on the tension and horror of the first game. Personally, I can’t wait for people to see the new avatars and precincts. As a reminder, this is a co-op game that requires you to watch out for your friends’ backs (and hope they do too). While we plan to release it later this year, it’s unlikely to happen (but worth the wait).we are now going to Second half of 2023 After we had enough time to make sure it was as disturbing and funny as we dreamed it would be. We didn’t do anything about it, and already two internal testers complained that it was “horrible”. I always thought it was a good sign ;). “

Apparently, Exorcist Legion VR SIN is horrible, with two internal testers complaining about how horrible the game is. Let’s hope it’s not terrible that it’s not certified for release, huh?

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