News Ricochet: Internet cares more about different wrestling styles than wrestlers

Ricochet commented on the different styles in wrestling.

Braun Strowman tweeted after WWE Crown Jewel 2022 to make headlines, then deleted “OMG @TheGiant Omos can you believe we got 47 and reminded people that no one cares about all of this Loose slippers. Giants and monsters > Lightweight slippers bag your grocery store at @kroger #AirportTest #SizeIsThePrize #SwoleIsTheGoal.”

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Ricochet was one of his peers who responded to the tweet, but later said he didn’t think much of Braun’s comments and they remained friends. On television, they met at the SmackDown World Cup and have teamed up together.

While speaking with Stephanie Chase, Ricochet discussed his partnership with Braun.

“Braun has been great. I’ve known Braun since I’ve been in WWE. He’s been great, even now, he’s always coming out on Imperium or Hit Row to help me, and I’ve helped him. That was going well. When It’s especially great when you’re on the same page with someone like Braun Strowman. It’s always good to have a monster in your pocket, just in case. It’s all good. If he and I can start to get closer and become a double combination, which can be dangerous,” He said.

When asked about different styles of wrestling and how he handles coming into the company more like a master, Ricochet replied, “I think the internet talks about it more than the wrestlers. The internet cares about it more than the wrestlers. For the most part, everybody’s backstage and they’re just trying to do something together, want to do a piece of art for you guys They. I don’t think anyone really cares (about) other people’s style. If you hear it, it’s usually more about the internet than the locker room.”

Ricochet most recently defeated Top Dolla in a Royal Rumble qualifier on WWE SmackDown on January 6th. After the game, he was attacked by Hit Row (Dolla, B-Fab, and Ashante “Thee” Adonis), but was saved by Braun.

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