News Qiagen Digital Insights Introduces NGS Analysis to Process Entire Genomes at $1 in the Cloud

Qiagen Digital Insights (QDI) announced Monday the availability of an upgraded product for ultra-fast next-generation sequencing (NGS) analysis that can process an entire genome in 25 minutes at a cloud computing cost of $1.

Qiagen’s informatics business, QDI, said the updated Qiagen CLC Genomics Workbench Premium software eliminates the need for conflicting NGS-related bottlenecks.

The product features LightSpeed ​​technology, a software accelerator that rapidly converts raw sequencing data in FASTQ files from any paired-end short-read sequencing platform into a list of interpretable genetic variants in VCF format.

The company says it can analyze the entire human genome at 34X coverage in 25 minutes on an ordinary computer, and 50X the entire exome in 90 seconds in a standard cloud environment.

With Qiagen CLC LightSpeed ​​technology, labs can use cloud infrastructure to run WGS analyzes for about $1 per genome and WES analyzes for less than pennies per exome. Alternatively, labs can efficiently run Qiagen’s LightSpeed ​​technology on existing on-premises hardware with similar performance, QDI said.

The company added that LightSpeed ​​technology is applicable to NGS areas such as newborn screening for genetic disorders or large population genomics studies where speed and cost are a priority.

“[Lightspeed’s] The cost and time efficiencies allow high-throughput NGS sequencing laboratories the opportunity to make broad use of the technology for clinical and research customers,” said Dr. Jonathan Sheldon, senior vice president of QDI, in a statement. The earlier the disease is identified and treated. ”

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