News Power outage at JNU, internet shut down for PM screenings of BBC documentary

New Delhi:

Students at Jawaharlal Nehru University planned to screen a banned BBC documentary about Prime Minister Narendra Modi tonight, but the plan ended at six with power and electricity out at the student union office. One-third of the grades were rejected.

Screenings of the documentary were scheduled to begin at 9 p.m., and the students planned to continue despite the administration’s disagreement.

The JNU Administration did not approve the screening. He even stated that if the documentary was screened, he would be subject to disciplinary action.

But the students insisted that the screening would not violate school rules or disrupt community harmony.

“We will definitely watch this documentary today. We will watch it through a QR code,” said Ayeshi Ghosh, president of the Federation of Indian Students.

Students finally flocked to a cafeteria on campus, downloading the documentary on their phones.

Last week, sources said the government had asked Twitter and YouTube to remove the controversial BBC PM Modi series, which claimed to investigate aspects of the 2002 riots in Gujarat, when Prime Minister Modi was the state’s chief minister.

Several opposition leaders blasted the government, tweeting an alternative link where the first part of the two-part series can be watched.

In a crackdown on the BBC, the center called it a “propaganda film designed to promote a particular disreputable narrative”.

“The bias and lack of objectivity and frankly the continuing colonial mentality is evident,” the Foreign Office said.

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