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News Perfect Corp turns to photo enhancement app

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now being deployed to fix pixelated, blurry or out-of-focus photos.

Perfect Corp. — a software-as-a-service (SaaS) AI and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion technology company listed on the New York Stock Exchange — said in a press release on Wednesday (Feb. 1) that its new YouCam Enhance fixes these flaws in seconds.

Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO Alice Chang said at the press conference.

YouCam Enhance is available free as an iOS mobile app and an online web tool, and joins Perfect Corp.’s suite of YouCam apps, which have been downloaded 1 billion times, according to a press release.

The launch of the app comes about a month after Perfect Corp. announced a partnership with Indian direct-to-consumer (D2C) beauty and personal care company The Good Glamm Group to provide “an ultra-realistic virtual makeup try-on tool” for users and retailers.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is being deployed across verticals, bringing new capabilities to merchants and brands. For example, it helps retailers decide what to buy and when to buy to optimize their orders, it helps grocers deploy smart shopping carts, and it helps merchants gain insight into their physical shelf needs.

Chang predicted in a January press release that the role of fashion tech driven by artificial intelligence and augmented reality will continue to grow in retail.

“Especially in jewelry and fashion accessories, brands and retailers will start adopting AR virtual try-on technology to try on rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more,” Chang said.

Chang told PYMNTS in an interview published in June 2021 that AR allows consumers to try on makeup in a completely contactless way and actually see how a particular color or product will look on them.

“We need to connect beauty lovers and beauty brands,” Chang said at the time. “Previously, this was always done through the store. Now that it’s digital, we can give users more power to try before buying, provide feedback and engage directly with product brands.”

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