News Murdaugh trial continues with testimony and phone, video evidence

Lieutenant Britt Dove testified Wednesday that data extracted from Alex Murdaugh’s phone showed the device’s movement on June 7, 2021.

If the phone is in a person’s hand or pocket, it will count steps, he said. If the device is on the seat or in the cup holder of the driving car, steps will not be counted.

These are Alex’s footsteps on the night of June 7, 2021, when prosecutors said Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were shot at around 8:50 p.m.

6:42:12 PM – 6:43:55 PM – 57 steps

6:52:28-7:02:05 PM – 283 steps

7:03:55-7:11:29 PM – 165 steps

7:15:35-7:21:52 PM – 200 steps

7:28:36-7:37:11 PM – 47 steps

7:55:32-8:05:07 PM – 270 steps

7:41:23-7:48:41 PM – 29 steps

8:05:35-8:09:52 pm – 74 steps

9:02:18-9:06:47 pm – 283 steps

“Did you see the step count recorded between 8:09 p.m. and 9:02 p.m.?” Assistant Attorney General John Conrad asked.

“No, sir, I haven’t,” he replied.

Dove said that the iPhone’s count of steps taken is an estimate, but the time at which those steps were recorded is precise.

Alex claimed he had dinner with Paul and Maggie on the night of the murder and then took a nap.

It was unclear when he could take a nap, based on steps recorded on his phone.

Just after 9 p.m., he left to visit his mother, who lived about 20 minutes away.

When he returned, he said he found the bodies of his son and wife near the kennel on the family’s sprawling hunting estate just after 10pm

He repeatedly told investigators that he did not visit the kennel the night before he allegedly made the horrific discovery.

But prosecutors said in opening statements Paul recorded a cellphone video near the kennel at 8:44 p.m. that captured Alex’s voice.

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