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News Microsoft may have just quietly exited the VR market!

If you’ve been following the news lately, then I dare say you’ve probably heard about all the major layoffs that various tech companies are going through right now. Unfortunately, with Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, pretty much everyone looking to tighten their belts going into 2022, employees are clearly the most convenient means of cutting costs.

Speaking of Microsoft, though, with reports earlier this week that around 10,000 jobs would be cut, it’s clearly interesting to see which divisions end up suffering the most, and according to a report from WindowsCentral, it looks like at least one of the One is VR (Virtual Reality).

In short, it seems likely that Microsoft will effectively leave completely Barely ventured into the VR market to begin with!

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft layoffs could see the VR division, if not destroyed, then possibly completely spun off!

According to the report, a major focus of Microsoft’s layoffs will be primarily in their VR division.HoloLens, virtual reality and mixed reality are said to be all Actually shut down or at least reduced to effective skeleton staff levels.

The move is especially surprising since it was only 2 years ago that Microsoft confirmed a sizable Hololens contract with the US Army. Nonetheless, subsequent rumors suggest that the armed forces are not overly convinced that the technology will have any credible level of practical application, and as such, there are more than a few indications that they have little or no intention of updating it.

Overall, assuming this is accurate, it looks like Microsoft is looking to pull itself out of the VR market, and given its lack of prominence there, that’s probably the best move.

Well, obviously not for its employees, but you know what I mean!

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