News Man posts bike trainer ad and internet amused by his demands

The viral post has 300,000 views and 5,000 likes.

It’s now common for people to post job openings on the networking platform LinkedIn. With the advent of social media, employers have found new ways to engage with potential employees and help them gain a better understanding of the company. Employees also get creative with their job applicationsā€”some even embellish it based on the company they’re applying to. One such example is a person designing his resume for a position at a company in a Google search format. Posting job vacancies in newspapers is getting a bit corny, but, someone did it, and it got a lot of attention on social media.

A man posts an ad on page 10 of a newspaper. He said he was looking for a cycling teacher, but he “has to be polite, not a Gemini.” This is Pravinbhai Sudani, needing a trainer to teach me to ride a bike. He must have been polite because if I wanted to be humiliated, I’d ask my dad to teach me. He shouldn’t be a Gemini because they are irresponsible. Also, if he likes anime, we can discuss Naruto. My bike is a Jawa Bobber. Don’t ask for imaginary money because I won it by playing bidblast on the CRED store,” he said in a tweet.

Aneeta shared the clipping on Twitter. “I’m still trying to process Pravinbhai ki’s request,” the photo’s caption read. Since then, it has 300,000 views and 5,000 likes.

“Finding a job at BCCI is so much easier than this,” said one person.

“Job vacancies Haiya relationship requirements??” Mom No. 1 asked.

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ā€œGemini is irresponsible and Pravinbhai is educated,ā€ added a third.

Another commented, “Getting a government job is easier than that.”

Many people also pointed out that this may also be an advertisement of CRED.

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