News John Daly’s ‘Hangover 101’ Advice Breaks the Internet

American golfer John Daly, known for his off-course antics and his prowess on the fairway, has posted a hilarious video on the internet in which he shares “Hangover Advice 101”.

John Daly is a legend. The 56-year-old is known as Long John for a reason. The PGA Tour player is not only known for his huge shots, but also for his fucking country club ~vibe~. His backswing was also active, leading to some remarkable tournament wins under his belt.

But if you thought his two greatest feats were his victory at the 1991 PGA Championship or his playoff victory over Costantino Roca at the 1995 British Open, think again: Facts It proves that Dali is also a model of health and regimen wisdom.

WATCH: John Daly gives ‘Hangover 101’ advice

how so? Well, a video of the twisted encephala on Instagram shows Daly giving some hilarious hangover advice. After being asked, “What’s the best way to hangover?” Daly spoke to the camera from the carriage, saying, “Drink what you drank the night before.”

He then explained that he had no access to a certain brand of vodka which he called the best, but in this case he had settled for an inferior substitute. These comments sparked comments like: “Jingdong’s lungs and liver must be the most hardworking organs in human history” and “JD is my master and savior. ”

Another wrote: “Barefoot golfing, ripping cowboy killers and launching Larry Fleet. A man for the people.” Another quipped: “We got scammed. McDonald’s, cigarettes and beer: 3 basic food.”

Not everyone was impressed, though. Some Instagram users blasted Daly for glorifying alcohol. One wrote: “He’s neither funny nor cool. Guy is uniquely legendary but also glorifies alcoholism.”

you have it. Food (or rather, drink) for thought. Put it on your green and swing it.

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