News Is Sea Ltd (SE) a smart pick for Internet retail on Thursday?

39 ratings investment observer Offering shares to Sea Ltd (SE) puts it close to the middle of the internet retail industry. The SE’s overall rating of 39 means the stock scores better than 39% of all stocks, with the exception of stocks that score better than 54% of the internet retail sector.

The total score for SE is 39. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the rankings on SE!

What do these ratings mean?

Analyzing stocks can be difficult. There are tons of numbers and ratios, and it can be hard to remember what they all mean and what counts as “good” for a given value. investment observer Stocks are ranked based on eight different metrics. We rank most scores by percentile to make them easier for investors to understand. A score of 39 means the stock is more attractive than 39% of stocks. This ranking system combines numerous factors that analysts use to compare stocks in more detail. This makes it relatively easy to find the best stocks in any industry. These percentile rank scores, which use fundamental and technical analysis, allow investors to easily see how attractive a particular stock is. The top-scoring stocks receive the best ratings from Wall Street analysts.

What happened to Sea Ltd shares today?

Sea Ltd (SE) shares were trading at $66.19 at 25:00 on Thursday, January 26, up $1.94 or 3.02% from their previous close of $64.25. So far, the stock has been trading between $65.36 and $68.76. Volume was light today. So far, 2,031,663 shares have traded against an average volume of 4,764,316 shares. Click here for the full share report for Sea Ltd shares.

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