News iPhone and iPad users, here’s why you might not get major software updates this year

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, apple It is preparing to enter the AR/VR market by developing a mixed reality headset called “Reality Pro”. Gurman described it as “the hot new product of the year,” and reported that Apple has devoted significant resources to the project, potentially to the detriment of other projects.
According to Gurman, Apple is taking the launch of its first mixed reality headset very seriously. To ensure success, the company has shifted its staff and resources from other departments to the headset development team.
Apple has reportedly moved the software development team that worked on the operating system iPhone, ipadand Mac Focus on xrOS, the operating system for mixed reality headsets.Therefore, the development of iOS, iPadOS and Apple system Has been redirected to work on xrOS.
No major iOS, iPadOS and macOS features this year
According to Gurman, Apple’s focus on mixed reality headsets may have caused delays or dropped some features that were originally planned to ship with upcoming iOS, iPadOS, and macOS updates. So iOS 17, iPadOS, and macOS 14 may not be as big of an update compared to last year’s software updates.

Other hardware is affected by Apple’s upcoming headphones
Apple’s push to develop its mixed reality headset has also disrupted progress on hardware projects. As a result, there may be fewer major updates for Apple products this year.
The iPhones and Macs are expected to feature some upgrades, including dynamic islands and USB-C ports on the four iPhones and titanium frames on the “Pro” models.
New MacBook Pro with M2 Pro and M2 Ultra, 15-inch apple computer, and a potential M2 Ultra-powered Mac Pro could also launch in 2023.However, no new models of AirPods or iMacs are expected to be released this year, as are the Apple Watch and Apple Watch. family pods Might only receive minor updates.

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