News I just solved one of my worst Raspberry Pi problems

MicroSD extension cable for Raspberry Pi.

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The Raspberry Pi remains one of my favorite gadgets. A small stand-alone computer that fits on a single board has many uses.

I’ve always been amazed by their abilities.

Yes, I know Raspberry Pis are hard to come by right now (“unprecedented times, supply chain issues, COVID-19,” I hear all the excuses), so if you see a cheap one, grab it.

It is hoped that supply will increase in 2023 to meet demand. If you’re looking for one, my best advice is to keep looking – I picked up some 4GB and 8GB motherboards at retail prices the other day (not the normal x2 or x3 prices).

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But its major feature raspberry pie can also cause problems. I mean its tiny size.

I’ve lost count of using a Raspberry Pi (or some other small single board computer like Adafruit Feather) and then there is no easy access to the microSD card slot where the finger is big and the microSD card is very tiny.

It’s annoying to say the least.

But there is a solution – microSD card extension cable.

Here’s a simple solution — a ribbon cable with a microSD card slot on one end and a microSD card connector on the other.

Insert the connector into the card slot on the Raspberry Pi and the other end into the card.

mission completed.

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If you find that the microSD card slot is easily accessible at the end of your build project, you can remove it.

These are very useful – and cheap – and I’m keeping some in stock for projects now.

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