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There Are Four New Legendary Pokémon Hiding Behind Giant Seals Pokémon Scarlet with PurpleNot only are these creatures a formidable challenge, but each of them is also a great addition to your Pokémon roster if you manage to catch them. First, though, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to have a chance at fighting one. Chi-Yu may seem like the least of the legendary characters, but it’s far from it. Here’s how to catch Chi-Yu Pokémon Scarlet with Purple.

How to catch Zhiyou

Akabane hides behind the Scourge Temple where it will be locked initially. The only way to open it is to first collect eight Blue Omens from the surrounding area.

step 1: Collect all eight blue stakes. Use the map below to find each. After pulling the last stake, you’ll hear a mysterious cry from the temple.

Map with stake locations marked.

Step 2: Chi-Yu’s Temple is located in the northeastern part of the map (area two), near the Fury Falls landmark.

If you complete all the history lessons in school, then keep talking to Madam Raifort, she’ll eventually tell you the old Paldean fairy tale about the Quartet of Ruin, and mark the location of the Temple of Firescourge and other temples on your world map.

If you’ve been a poor student and haven’t completed your course, we’ve marked a spot for you here too. Just make sure your riding Pokémon are capable of climbing up to the shrine.

Chidama Shrine is located.

Step 3: Chi-Yu is a level 60 Dark/Fire type. It will be immune to all psychic attacks and vulnerable to grappling, ground, rock and water type attacks. As always, be mindful of how strong the Pokémon you send out if you plan to catch it. The last thing you want is to accidentally knock it off.

Chi-Yu leaves the shrine.

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