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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – Home heating costs rose 18% this quarter. Here’s how a city in Colorado, where the average household paid $115 a month for energy last year, explains. Estimated to be $177 per month this year.

Winter is coming, you know it. You may have noticed this on your new energy bill. But there is a program called the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LEAP. A federally funded program helps Coloradans pay part of their winter heating bills.

“The cost of everything today, energy prices, food at the grocery store, gasoline, the impact it has on low- and moderate-income families in Colorado is staggering,” said LEAP manager Theresa Kullen.

Cullen understands the frustration. She is involved with LEAP and knows more people need help. Since November 1, approximately 60,000 Coloradons have applied for LEAP. A 7% increase over 2021.

“Especially this year, heating costs across all energy types have increased dramatically, which means a dramatic increase in households, the cost of heating fuel for households.”

LEAP hopes to help Coloradans in this regard, because Kullen said she is well aware that some people face difficult choices. “People are going to be really shocked by the price increase right now … when they start getting their January and February bills. They’re going to be really shocked.”

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