News DVIDS – NEWS – SOUTHCOM Provides Medical Assistance to the Lesser Antilles

Paramaribo, Suriname – Following the recent deployment of the USS Comfort for Operation Sustained Commitment, US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) began Operation Lesser Antilles Medical Assistance Team (LAMAT) this week with the arrival of US military personnel U.S. Southern Command headquarters in Miami, Florida, on January 25, 2023.

Throughout the operation, the US Southern Command Joint Team will conduct a series of medical assistance operations to provide relief to oversaturated medical professionals in Guyana, Suriname and Saint Lucia.

“This mission is critical, and these guys really value what you’re about to do for them,” said Lt. Gen. Andrew Croft, U.S. Southern Command’s deputy military commander. “The efforts of your team on this mission will build the future of our relationships with these countries”

US Southern Command conducts routine medical activities within its area of ​​responsibility to strengthen partnerships, increase proficiency, and improve interoperability between participating nations. The assignment focuses primarily on gastrointestinal procedures, such as hernia and cystectomy, and dental support.

LAMAT’s actions have been coordinated with host country health ministries and hospital medical directors to utilize excess capacity without displacing host country medical providers. U.S. medical professionals will work hand-in-hand with host country medical providers to ensure continuity of care after all surgical procedures.

“Look, at the end of the day, we’re here to help people,” said Ramat mission commander Lt. Col. Gentry Mobley. “The goal of this mission is to make people’s lives a little bit better, and I’m sure each of you will play a key role in that.”

This year, the surgeon will start in Suriname and transfer to two other countries within a specified time period. Patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery have been pre-identified by the host country Ministry of Health in coordination with the medical director. Arrangements for LAMAT dental patients will be made through the normal clinic and hospital placement process in the host country.

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