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Apple Weather vs Carrot Weather – Which is the Best Dark Sky Alternative?

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Dark Sky — the popular weather app for iPhone and iPad — shut down in late 2022 after the company was acquired by Apple and integrated weather forecasting technology into iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

To that end, users are looking for alternatives that offer the power and flexibility of Dark Sky, letting them know if they need an umbrella or sunscreen, and notifying them when it’s about to rain.

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I have many weather applications. I spend a fair amount of time outdoors, taking a lot of photos and videos and flying drones, so I need accurate weather forecasts. I used to be a huge Dark Sky fan, but once I realized that time was limited, I started looking for alternatives.

I’ve found two weather services that are great alternatives to Dark Sky, and one of them might surprise you.


because one of them is Apple Weather App Bundled with iPhone and iPad.the other is carrot weathera super powerful and fun weather app.




hardware compatibility

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

OS Compatibility

iOS/iPadOS 10.0 or later, macOS 12.3 or later

iPadOS 13.0 or later




in-app purchase

Do not

Premium ($4.99/month, $19.00/year)

Apple App Store Rating



You should use the built-in weather app if…

Apple Weather App

Apple App Store

1. You don’t want to pay

free. Or, more precisely, you pay for your iPhone or iPad when you buy it.

2. You prefer Apple’s apps

People love the Dark Sky weather app because it combines great functionality with ease of use. Well, when Apple bought Dark Sky and started integrating it into iOS and iPadOS, it brought a lot of this power and ease of use to the weather app. If you’ve been putting off using the built-in Weather app because you remember a time when it was super basic and crappy, check it out again because it’s been vastly improved.

3. You like simplicity

Little to no setup is required—the app just needs to know where you are and whether you want to receive weather notifications. That’s all. It’s super easy to use.

4. You like to be reliable

I’ve tested the app in several countries over the past year and found it to be as accurate and reliable as the service you pay for.

You should use the Carrot Weather app if…

carrot weather

Apple App Store

1. You want more features

Carrot Weather has cool features, from beautifully animated maps to the ability to choose from different weather sources. You can customize different data layouts to suit your weather application needs.

2. You want strong live events

With Carrot Weather you can track the start* and* stop of rain and storms from your lock screen and Dynamic Island, giving you an at-a-glance view of the weather.

3. You want great Apple Watch integration

I love the beautiful complications of the Apple Watch. They look much better than Apple’s weather app, and that app offers a lot more.

4. You like your app to have a personality

Carrot weather is fun. You can make it super serious, or you can choose a fun, friendly personality, a sarcastic personality, or even a “killer” or “full of profanity” personality. They sure brighten up the weather forecast!


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