News Arthrex Receives FDA Clearance for the TightRope® Implant, the First and Only Device Approved for Pediatric ACL Surgery

“For more than a decade, Arthrex has worked closely with HSS’s leading plastic surgeons to develop minimally invasive solutions for pediatric and adolescent ACL surgery,” said Arthrex President and Founder reinhold schmidding“We are proud to partner with surgeons at Hospital for Special Surgery to design a treatment plan specifically for young patients with ACL injuries. This is a major achievement in orthopedic surgery and part of Arthrex’s commitment to helping surgeons better treat their patients.” Another proof of mission™, starting at an early age.”

PhD. Cordasco and Green helped Arthrex develop instrumentation guidelines for children and adolescents in response to the growing number of young athletes facing ACL injuries.

“The expansion of Arthrex’s knee ligament product portfolio, including pediatric and adolescent-specific devices and implants, as well as new FDA-approved indications, represents a significant improvement over existing treatment options for this high-risk athlete population,” said Korda Dr Scott said.

Although ACL injuries are most common in patients between the ages of 10 and 29, previous treatment options for the younger end of this patient population have focused on employing surgical techniques and devices originally developed for adults. The Arthrex Whole Epiphysis technique was developed for skeletally immature patients involving avoidance of the pediatric growth plate for repair or reconstruction of the ACL. Using pediatric-specific instrumentation guides, the surgeon drills a hole for the new reconstructed ACL by avoiding the growth plate, reducing the likelihood of growth failure.

In older adolescent patients nearing skeletal maturity, the surgeon will drill through the growth plate to reconstruct the ACL using a whole soft tissue autograft. Of the two total soft tissue autografts available for this young athlete population, quadriceps autografts have been found to have better outcomes than hamstring autografts, with a lower revision rate and higher recovery rates.2

“These specific guidelines for children and adolescents help surgeons address the unique anatomy of young athletes, greatly enhancing surgical options for reconstructive and epiphyseal fixation for ligament reconstruction or avulsion injury repair,” said Dr. Green.

ACL injuries are one of the most common sports injuries, with over 200,000 cases occurring each year.3 Injuries mainly occur in young and athletically active people and usually result from non-contact twisting or hyperextension injuries, but can also occur from contact injuries.

The Arthrex ACL TightRope Fixation Device portfolio includes the ACL TightRope II Implant, the TightRope Attachable Button System (ABS) and Implants, the FiberTag® TightRope Implant and the ACL Repair TightRope Implant with FiberRing™ Suture.

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